Research Associate, Edith Cowan University



LEGO robotics and introductory coding (ages 7-10), Creator Academy


MHIS 115: An Introduction to Big History, Macquarie University


2018 – Creator Academy Beginner Robotics
Writer and Presenter, Online Curriculum Videos

2017 – Big History Project Curriculum Videos
Guest Expert, “Artificial Intelligence and The Future”

2017 – Coursera: Big History: Solving Complex Problems
Guest Lecturer, Module 2: Why Trust Science – Basic Philosophy of Science: “Which complex problems require us to go beyond the problems of science (Ethics and AI)”


Bohan, E. “Review: A Most Improbable Journey” Threshold 9 9 (2016).

Bohan, E. “Introduction: What Is Big History?” In Big History. Eds., Dorling Kindersley (London: Dorling Kindersley, 2016).

Bohan, E. Empiricism Is Not A Dirty Word,” Origins 6.1 (2015): 3-6.

*My popular articles for Big Think can also be found here.


2018 – ANU Humanities Research Centre, Symposium on Astrobiology and Big History
(Canberra, Australian National University)

Paper: “Why Big History Matters”

2018 – Australian Historical Association Annual Conference: ‘The Scale of History’
(Canberra, Australian National University)

Paper: “Why Understanding Big History Matters”

2018 – Association of Digital Humanities Organizations
(Mexico City, El Colegio de México et al.)

Co-convenor: New Scholars Seminar

2017 – Australian Academy of the Humanities Annual Symposium
(Freemantle, The University of Western Australia)

Paper: “Transhuman Rights: A Defining Issue for 21st Century Humanity”

2017 – Australian Historical Association Annual Conference: ‘Entangled Histories’
(Newcastle, The University of Newcastle)

Paper: “The Transhuman Century: Man and Machine Converge”

2016 – Genes to Geoscience Outlook Conference
(Sydney, Macquarie University)

Paper: “Transhumanism and the Future of Human Evolution”

2016 – International Big History Association Conference Building Big History: Research and Teaching
(Amsterdam, The University of Amsterdam)

Paper: “Transhumanism: A New Avenue for Threshold 9 Research?”

2015 – The Big History Anthropocene Conference: A Transdisciplinary Exploration
(Sydney, Macquarie University)

Paper: “Rethinking Humanity in an Age of Accelerating Change”

Panel: “Humanity’s Long Term Prospects”

2015 – NewMac Humanities Postgraduate Symposium
(Sydney, Macquarie University)

Paper: “Big History, Technology and Transhumanism: Shaping the Future By Looking to the Past”

Session Chair: “Crime and Justice”


2017-18: Australian Government Research Training Scholarship (RTS) [$26,682 p.a.]

2015-16: Australian Postgraduate Award (APA1) [$25, 849 p.a.]

2015: NewMac Humanities Postgraduate Symposium: Best Paper, Section 1 [$100]

2014: University Medal, Macquarie University

2014: Macquarie University Research Training Pathway Scholarship (RTPS) [$16,000 p.a.]

2013: Macquarie University Masters of Research Scholarship [$8,000]

2012: Richard Madeleine Prize, Macquarie University

2012: Vice Chancellor’s Award, Macquarie University


2018: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Macquarie University

2014: Masters of Research (M.Res.), Macquarie University

2012: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Macquarie University


CentreNet Executive Secretary – An international Network of Digital Humanities Centres

Academic Member of the Big History Institute (BHI)

Member of the International Big History Association (IBHA)

Member of the Australian Historical Association (AHA)