The Transhumanist Reader

Max More and Natasha Vita-More, eds. The Transhumanist Reader: Classical and Contemporary Essays on the Science, Technology, and Philosophy of the Human Future (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2013).

A fantastic and much needed introduction to transhumanism. Edited by two leading extropians (Max and Natasha Vita-More), both of whom remain prominent modern transhumanist figures, this volume provides a sampling of some of the key transhumanist documents and texts from the 1990s onwards. Max More contributes a brief but concise history of organised transhumanism, which goes a long way to plugging many of the gaps, and correcting the historical misattributions, in existing scholarly commentary. Essays by More, Nick Bostrom and Marvin Minsky are highlights. This book is essential reading for all scholars of transhumanism, and has more than a few compelling nuggets for the trans-curious to peruse.

2 thoughts on “The Transhumanist Reader

  1. Elise, thank you for your review. I may have to steal your term “trans-curious”! Although that could easily be misinterpreted out of context. Natasha and I think that we need to follow up on this hefty tome with a lighter, more accessible introductory book.


    1. An introductory text sounds like a great addition. It’s a bummer that there’s so little good scholarship outlining the basics of transhumanism (who, when, what, where, why), but I guess that’s because most transhumanists are dedicating their time to more effective and ambitious projects. Very understandable. Look forward to reviewing the new book when it hits the shelves!


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